“Kirstyn and I have worked together for 2+ years and she’s amazing. I’ve never met her in person but somehow she knows me, my voice, my creative flow and expectations. She has managed to clean up a variety of things for me without needing a lengthy explanation or background info, the most unique thing I’ve needed was help to create a presentation which would entice companies importing beef from Australia and New Zealand to have their product inspected at the office I worked at. On a more consistent basis she’s rewritten my ad copy, Linked In profile, website and marketing letters. I’m confident there is nothing she can’t do and I’m grateful to have her on my “speed dial” (or whatever the equivalent of that is in our digital world).”

– Rachel Barnett, Owner of Primarily Bookkeeping


“Kirstyn is a strong copywriter and marketing/advertising campaign manager. Exemplary as a wordsmith and strategic in analysis, she is the coveted balance for any organization’s marketing/communications team to bring the right message to the right audience with measurable and successful impact. Her agreeable manner, professional demeanor, sharp skills, and bright ideas make her a complimentary asset to any team. I highly recommend her for work on your project and on behalf of your organization.”

– Joy Bennett, Business Development at VSG